lifestyles of the rich and famous

Since I’ve been in Nashville, I have seen several Famous People.

(Yes, I’m including one star of the popular show which shares a name with this city who I have seen THREE TIMES. It’s reaching stalker status. Just kidding.)

Now, at first, this was a really neat thing. I texted friends from home excitedly, sharing my celeb spotting with them as if I was reporting for TMZ. I eventually realized it started to seem like bragging, so I stopped, but I didn’t know how to appropriately react. I never wanted to be That Girl and run over to them asking for a picture or autograph because it didn’t seem appropriate.

Once, at a coffee shop, I saw a Famous Person who used to be on Heroes, but now, yes, is on Nashville. She was clearly there incognito, donning a baseball hat and had her nose buried in her coffee. But as soon as she left the shop, three girls left, running wildly after her, arms outstretched with an iPhone. She smiled, stopped, and posed for a few pictures before leaving.

I can only assume that Famous People do not like to be bothered during their Sunday morning walk, but people here seem divided over their reactions. About half strike a balance between looking and not looking… at least, not obviously. The other half freak out, grab their phones and whisper excitedly, clearly outing the TV star/musician/athlete, etc. Because I am oblivious most of the time, I have a very delayed reaction when I casually run into a recognizable celeb. At work, people will point Famous People out to me, and sometimes look over with a knowing look. You know who that is, don’t you? Crazy, right?

But. Sometimes, I don’t know. I just don’t! I assume this is just like life in LA… everyone has Famous Person Radar and instantly scan a crowd and then Instagrams the top of heads with hastags exclaiming their delight. This picture will then get a thousand likes and will be trending by noon.

Maybe the majority of people who live here are used to all the Famous People, and have continue with their day. Perhaps most of the people with these reactions are transplants or new students. Or, are we as a society, just that celeb-obsessed?

It seems as though I better get used to it, and fast. I have  a feeling I’m about to have another sighting soon, seeing as how a few people in the entertainment business live in my building…

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